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this is shit i played and he said out of memorry


Loved it so much I had to play it

Channel link:

Santa has learned how to type like a legend

I lerned to tipe reel guud with this gam


My Typing Skils

By me

The brodhs fox dkcgz obre htr holl noh

I leanered to type reel good after this. also cryed tears of joy afterward

I really liked the ascii titles and wimsical nature.

I really loved the beginning to the game and didn't expect to actually have to type! :D I liked that you have to be careful about mistakes in the text!

Word for people who want to play the game, play it blind like undertale.

Other than that here are my thoughts on the game, the game had a very strong start imo but it was pretty short, still pretty fun though. Also after the kinda goofy intro I didn't expect it to be a real typing game but it was. I also made a let's play for the game if anyone wants to see my reactions for the game.

i loved this game and to be able to play it again. after learning how to type like this i have really improved my typing skills by playing this game. anyone that is new here i think you should try this game if your learning to type better than your already can. its a great learning tool and i loved playing it.

this game is the best i really liked it and i think i have played it before but it was nice to be able to play this great game again :)

really enjoyed this game, i like how the typos make sure you are paying attention, would love to see more like this

Please tell me what the music is for the intro!

It's a MIDI of the song Freeze Frame by The J. Geils Band

Where would someone find this or is it like special made?



Real fun and challenging i must say!

This was a fun game. We need more like this.



Hi, this is really a cool game!!!

I'm also a unity game developer, and making web and mobile games. I noticed that you publish this game with WebGl, which is not supported by a lot of browsers. I trid you game with different browsers, and all worked fine. Did you do something to fix it?

I love is so much it helps me alot

I love is so much it helps me a lot



This is freaking amazing. Thank you. The music rocks too!




Am i the only one who has OCD and REALLY wanted to fix every mistake cooldog made?

Cause I feel like you guys don't even notice...

So did your head explode when you had to type the word counter? :)


Thanks CoolDog I am a typing legend now and i even typed this comment really fast because of what i learned thanks ok bye


Really useful gaem and instructive and FUN!!! Cooldog 2016


Hey there, I crashed the game. XD


Really cool artwork and game concept! Really funny and didactic.

(1 edit) (+2)

i lov yuo cooldog. edit: thanks for teacing me how to type!!


Got an error on the very last character of the third lesson, but loved it until then! Hopefully I'm not missing out on an amazing twist ending because I don't really want to retype all that cool dog text


That is the last lesson, so you're not missing out on anything! Sorry about the crash!




I'm sorry! Try a downloaded version if the web one keeps breaking.


I pressed backspace and the game quit, I learned never to make a typo again


cooldog is so handsome

(3 edits) (+3)

I believe the correct spelling is houndsome


Best dag ever is o goad teacher

I mate a let's play vidao

CoolDog let's play

Lave that game


i a god typor dog tech me well


i haev to handded to you;


bfore i plid this gaem i coulndt typ ta all butt now i typ likee a angle

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