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i have a problem


bhAhaHAH! Amazikng gCAme! i Leernd a lot from it! Only isseu i had was that when you look up from the computtre during a lesson, and look back down to the computer, the text gets jumbled ;u;

Only issue I Experienced With This Pretty Wonderful, Ejjucashonal, Funny Game!

i luv this game its funny but teaching 


i lerand nohing fom i stpius so id 


it's the funniest game ever.


Mavis Beacon can eat her heart out!


An absolutely fantastic typing tutor. It had my daughter typing for ages. It would be well worth expanding it into major release.


This game was actually a ton of fun hahaha.  Cooldog was way funnier than I expected!


I thought cooldog was going to troll me 10/10 not dissapointed! XD


This Game is Amazingly fun :D Best Typing game I've played ^^

I Also made a video about my Taping skills :D I would be grateful if anyone could check It out!

Definitely Something I recommend for everyone.


This game is halarous. 


what is this


never forget
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WHO MADE THIS. f***ing PHANDOM. are you kidding me HAHAHA.


I think I won prematurely


Woah. Nice!


me too i got lazy and did this klsdfhfsklfjdfhjsdlkfklhjjklgsgjkfjklggjk and it said    ERROR YOU LOST also, i im styping a   bit weirdly aftter   it umnm 


Hey, I had a pretty enjoyably time with the game. I think I lernd a loot of gud tiping skillz tat I caan noe use 2 ferther mi life. In all seriousness though, really funny. Not too long, but not too short either. Good little time killer for a few laughs! 

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Cooldog Teaches Typing is a game about a dog who is teaching you how to type, though we may need some second thought on HOW he teaches us...

Name : Cooldog

Teaching : You

Your name : He jumbles up the letters so you can't type properly, Skip this one.

Your hands condition : I don't even...

Your computer condition : ...Know how I write with this. My hands and my keyboard.. SUCK.

Your condition : I guess i'm good, other than a dog that can't type properly is teaching people how to type. and we can use liek all our fingers. I'm ok other than that fact. ANYWAY...

The typing legend overall is... You.

Cooldog is pretty much dumb but not really. When you type "Words like batman" after the "batman" he goes out of the circle and changes into batman. Going farther he changes back. The weird thing is you can't get dressed that quickly. He does it in just a matter of seconds.

He is a cool cooldog. Who teached cooldog? Reply with your guess. Not even I know!

I guess he's okay in... Talking. But typing?? Get me out of here. Now.

Because I give up right now.

Maybe cool cat taught him how to type-


You teach like a dog! :D LOL


Man this is adorable. I loved the sounds when you mistyped. Pupper showed me some real skillz.


Good Game. Good Dog Teach

Cooldog teachs us how two type relly good! I lerned alot! You shud learned alot to! Play this game!


Yur dug halped me tu tyipe gooder! Tanks!!!


this helpp'd my typigg a loot. thank you for good fun and and wisdom.


Everything I know about typing is wrong. Thank you for opening mye eys.


I really enjoyed this game! I loved him turning into a little bat-dog XD

this is shit i played and he said out of memorry


Loved it so much I had to play it

Channel link:

Santa has learned how to type like a legend

I lerned to tipe reel guud with this gam


My Typing Skils

By me

The brodhs fox dkcgz obre htr holl noh

I leanered to type reel good after this. also cryed tears of joy afterward

I really liked the ascii titles and wimsical nature.

I really loved the beginning to the game and didn't expect to actually have to type! :D I liked that you have to be careful about mistakes in the text!

Word for people who want to play the game, play it blind like undertale.

Other than that here are my thoughts on the game, the game had a very strong start imo but it was pretty short, still pretty fun though. Also after the kinda goofy intro I didn't expect it to be a real typing game but it was. I also made a let's play for the game if anyone wants to see my reactions for the game.

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